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FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment is used by animal rehabilitation professionals,   veterinarians, sport dog enthusiasts and professional dog trainers for core strengthening, increased range of motion and flexibility, neuromuscular facilitation, sensory and perceptual stimulation, joint alignment, and balance control. Core strength is a fundamental element used by your dog to control its body when jumping, turning, running.
Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can reduce and prevent injuries. This is true whether your dog is involved in dog sports, is a working dog, or just a couch potato with healthier aspirations.
Core conditioning is an essential part of any athletes training program, including the performance dog. If your dog participates in sporting or breed competitions, you’ll want to make sure your dog is in prime physical condition.
Once on top of the FitPAWS conditioning equipment, your dog’s body will automatically react to the shifting movement, causing your dog to use different muscle groups simultaneously in order to remain upright.
Adding this strengthening activity to your dog’s cross-training activities 3-4 times a week, has many benefits, including:
• Improved reaction and control
• Increased trunk and core strength
• Stabilization of weak areas
• Improved balance and proprioception (body awareness)
• Increased range of motion in joints and elongation of the muscles
• Strengthening the bond with your dog through interactive positive training
My class will go through the basics of teaching the dogs to use the equipment, teaching the owners the proper time and method for core strengthening and also teaching basic stretching techniques essential to any performance animal.  

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